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 A Sitcom by

      Vernon(King Smij)Williams

UNCLE KWAN(King Smij) is a recently paroled convict who must spend an unspecified amount of time on house arrest as per the terms of his reentry agreement.   Knowing he is confined to the house, family members use him as the official baby sitter.  He winds up being the primary care taker for three mischievous kids.


Tiffany(Blasina Olowe), Keisha(Hailey Stone) and Mike Mike(Emperor Kaioyus) are cousins that have never met the ex-con, but thru their mischief will be sure that he gets to know them real well.


What can be classified as a social experiment, turns out to be a hilarious, thought provoking, generation clashing ride with the loving -albeit sometimes out-of-touch- uncle mentoring the kids through unorthodox means.

You may not think an ex-con is the ideal candidate for a baby sitter, but "the way my bank account's set up", when he's on HOME CONFINEMENT, the price is right.

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