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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many people in various ways. One group of people that w

The Covid-19 pandemic affected many people in various ways, but in times of despair resiliency overcomes hard times.  During the height of the pandemic HV Films produced two episodes of the nascent sitcom HOME CONFINEMENT. Even though the shows were meant to be fun and bring humor at a time when most people had a hard time smiling, we still knew the seriousness of the topic.  As to not to offend anyone the company shelved the project until a later date when the diseases was defeated. 

Today we can say that the plague is over and life is returning to normal.  Now it's time to look back at those trying times and have a good laugh.  HV FILMS INC. critically acclaimed, self-produced series HOME CONFINEMENT brings levity at a time when the world is getting back on it's feet and looking at the Coronavirus in the rearview.

Our merchandise is meant to show support for anyone who has been affected by the covid-19 pandemic in any way, shape, or form with an emphasis on filmmakers. The proceeds from the sales will go exclusively toward funding future projects while getting back to normal”. Thanks for all of your support.

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