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Hailey Stone was born and raised in Bronx, NY. She started her acting career in July 2018, at the age of 8yrs old. She began training at Ujamaa Black American Theater, and AlphaNYC Theater Company. She is currently enrolled in New York Performing Arts Academy, were she is studying Musical Theater, Vocal Training, Acting, and Dancing.

Hailey’s first major appearance on camera was in Nas' highly anticipated short film, Nasir-The Film, in which she was featured in “Cop Shot the Kid” and “Adam and Eve”. She then landed a Principal Role for Sundance Film Festival winner Director Anu Valia's short film, Matters of Chance.

Hailey’s latest accomplishment was booking a co-star role for Amazon Video new series, The Hunt, which was created by David Weil, and executive produce by Jordan Peele.



In 2019 alone Emperor  Kaioyus has appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show, had a role on Almost Family, voiced a character in Canadian cartoon "Almas Mind", been in 6 commercials, completed  10 short films and walked for NYFW.


His supporting role in "American Marriage " (Co written by Oscar winner James Ivory)   received special mention @ 2019 The Taormina Film festival in Italy and is currently touring the festival circut as are several other films that Emperor has supporting roles in including a documentary of his life "Casting Call". 

 Currently Emperor is finishing "Joyful" a feature film that he is starring  in. IMDB Emperor Kaioyus



Blasina Olowe seems to be a seasoned veteran in the world of entertainment though she is still fairly new.  Having worked with established directors such as F. Gary Gray and Spike Jordan so early in her budding career, has given her the confidence and edge young actors often need to tackle any role presented to them.

Blasina also plays the piano and is trained in many arts including acting, dancing, and singing, so it is fitting that she easily morphed into the many challenging scenarios that she was asked to act in in Home Confinement.  Her natural charm and likability comes across from the first time the camera captures her.

She is currently completing numerous independent projects, while continuing to hone her thespian skills with her acting coach and focusing on her education. With such dedication and focus at this young age Blasina is destined for superstardom in the not-so-distant future.




is a screenplay writer/director who has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years.  First he was a music producer, then he began working on sets in various positions starting as a production assistant working on with legendary directors like Hype Wiliams, Benny Boom and Director X.


From there he transitioned into acting, appearing as leads in numerous commercials and landing smaller roles in films such as Notorious, Comedy Central series The Dave Chapelle Show and HBO series Boardwalk Empire to briefly name a few.

After studying the art form from both sides of the camera Smij started his own film production company HV FILMS which produced HOME CONFINEMENT and other projects.

While in between projects he teaches film to students eager to learn from a professional with real world experience. 

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